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Don’t ask me why but I realised that in the last two years I met almost nobody “special”. When I look into how many new people I have met in these previous two years, it is close to zero.

I’m speaking about those People who change your way of looking at life. People who give you hope and strength. Who inspires you. Who motivates you.

I could count them with the fingers of my hand.

I don’t consider myself as an asocial person, I would say the opposite… but since 2017 everything somehow changed.

People and “friends” which I used to met regularly just disappeared, and I also moved away. Reasons? I don’t feel comfortable when people look weirdly at me because of being an immigrant. Or because being gay… or because of not doing drugs every fucking weekend… or because of not finding interesting to speak about topics like soccer, cars or money.

In short, I don’t like when people look weirdly at me, whatever the reason is.

Stopping using social media helped me to maintain a healthy brain, but not in a social way. If you are not on Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp, you don’t exist.

I’m somehow afraid of how this will evolve because I started to notice that I feel like losing interest in meeting new people. Somehow I started being asocial,

adjective: asocial

avoiding social interaction; inconsiderate of or hostile to others.
“a tendency to asocial behaviour”.

Maybe it is the city… or the age, or perhaps it’s just me.

All these thoughts have inspired me to produce these almost impossible to mix tracks due to not using a 4/4 signature and dynamic BPMs

[Exclusive Full Streaming]

I know already that I’m an oddball ๐Ÿ–– (“perro verde” in Spanish)

About the titles, they are phrases which I heard during these seven years in Germany and which always make me angry and/or sad to listen:

-Really? Are you gay?
-I would not have done it.
-You can not talk to him about anything.
-Sadly it is how it is.

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