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A real story that needs to be told

This text is not focused on attack somebody (person, label, club, …) therefore I will not use real names. But I think it should be told.

On 2014 we founded a collective 111111 and started throwing parties in off locations. The reason was that on Munich playing Techno faster than 130bpm was “way too hard”. We tried to contact different clubs, but all were rejecting us. This collective was formed by me, AAAAAA, BBBBBB and CCCCCC. We were more than a collective because we were all really close friends, almost like brothers (I thought).

At some point, BBBBBB started to work on the bar of the club 999999. After pushing the bosses on the worker’s meetings, we finally got a date. It would be our first party in an official club. We were excited as fuck, even when the party was going to be on a Thursday. For this party, AAAAAA contacted an old “German techno legend” to play in the party as a guest.

The party was a fucking success. The owners of the club even told us that they had never before seen the club so crowded on a Thursday. A lot of friends came there, and some of them also took Friday free to attend the party.

We were hoping that after this party success the owners maybe would let us make more parties, or perhaps even in a regular way. The months went through, and we got no new offer.

Almost half a year later, another friend DDDDDD wrote to congratulate us due to our next future party in the club 999999. He explained to me that there were an empty date and the owners were happy with our first party, so they offered a new opportunity for our collective. I was quite surprised because I did not know about this offer. Therefore I asked CCCCCC, but he did not know about it either. Then I wrote and asked AAAAAA and BBBBBB about this offer we got for making a party on the club 999999 again. AAAAAA did not really answer me but BBBBBB did. BBBBBB told me that the offer was for him, not for the collective which we had.

At this point, I was surprised as fuck with the answer, and I started to suspect that there was something more behind. Why one of my best friends, BBBBBB, was telling me that the party offer was for him and not for the collective? Why the other friend DDDDDD said to me that the owners offered the party to the collective, not only to BBBBBB?

We met all together (AAAAAA, BBBBBB, CCCCCC and me) to speak about these events because I and CCCCCC just understood nothing. AAAAAA and BBBBBB explained to us that the party was offered only to them and that they wanted to take this chance for a new collective/label which they started months ago, without saying anything to me or CCCCCC.

I and CCCCCC were like “WTF??!?”. AAAAAA and BBBBBB had started a month ago writing to clubs and promoters to make parties for the label 222222. They didn’t say anything to me or CCCCCC. I could not believe it. AAAAAA and BBBBBB argument that they were not happy with me and CCCCCC because of organisation reasons. That we were not helping so much or not as they expected, I felt betrayed and used.

Two of my best friends were planning a new label in secret, and they had just taken the new party opportunity for our collective 111111 in the club 999999.

I didn’t want to believe it. I knew these two guys since years ago, and I still see that they are no evil persons. But this action… I still want to find a reason for it, so I can forget it and forgive them. But I can’t.

Since this event, I have tried to convince myself about that maybe there was something which I didn’t know about. Or perhaps which I maybe misunderstood. Other friends told me to forget about it, but I can’t. I think you cannot ignore or forgive something so “fast” when you were hurt emotionally so much by people you trusted. Now three years later I’m sometimes still trying it.

The good thing about this is that it made me somehow stronger. It confirmed my principles and showed me to keep following my path, where fame, money or drugs are not the objectives. When I look now at the party’s from AAAAAA and BBBBBB with the label 222222 (which are now one with most success in Munich), I see that I would not be able to do it. First, because of having to sell me. Second, because I don’t believe that I would be able to take part in those drug-fueled parties and afterparties, so sooner or later I would be kicked out. Third, because of that drug presence and use, which make it more important than the music.

Anyway AAAAAA and BBBBBB are still throwing excellent techno parties always trying to bring new artists to Munich. I would love to be part of it, back in the days, but not anymore. Maybe they forced with this a kind of evolution inside of me, for better. After all this shit I realised how free I can be, and since then I’m trying to use it for good. And I focused into music production instead of “party party”.

I have also to say that AAAAAA and BBBBBB should be more than thankful because I’m not an asshole or bad person. I don’t want to imagine how another type of person would have reacted to this. Maybe I’m stupid, but I don’t believe that making bad things to other people brings something. Only hate… for nothing. There’s a time and a place for everything, or like I would say in Spanish “El tiempo pone todo en su lugar”.

After this large text, I hope you will understand myself in a better way. Why I’m like I am in an artist and human way.

I’m not trying to make anybody feel sorry. This is how I lived it.

If you think that I’m lying, feel free to contact me. If you feel attacked or insulted by me (even giving no names), feel free to contact me. As said, it is not my intention to attack or hurt anyone.

I guess time will make me able to forget and forgive about this. We will see. Writing about it has already helped.

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