iZueL_ - LooPs [All Tracks | Exclusive Streaming] πŸš€ - iZueL_

iZueL_ – LooPs [All Tracks | Exclusive Streaming] πŸš€



So, the time has come, and here you can find the complete release of what was one of my first experiences producing kind of “simple” Tracks.

Here are all Tracks somehow in exclusive, because the ones from YouTube are very low-quality uploads on propose,

Update 19.03.19 18:30h: YouTube just banned the playlist with the videos from my channel with no reason. I’m fighting to get them back again…

Update 19.03.19 21:45h: YouTube seems to have noticed that there was no infringement of the guidelines…

About the LooP-6 and LooP-7, I have not much to say. Both are somehow special to me, and I could listen to them again and again. Timeless would be that word. Try to take your time and play them from the beginning to the end, without skipping 😉.

Yes, I’m releasing two Tracks at once even having announced that I would release one Track per week. I think I’ll never do something similar in the future, splitting releases in the time. I’m not a brand… and Hype is not my intention.

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