#TST / Dosem – Silent Drop✨

Dosem - Silent Drop (Cover)

Dosem - Silent Drop (Cover)

Friday again. It means time for another “Those Special Tracks”.

The first time I heard about Dosem was through my friend Pablo. He spoke well about him and showed me this Track,

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I had no words after listening to it the first time.

What a fucking beautiful and good vibes transmitter Track. Incredible.

Time later I attended the Solano festival in Jaca, where he was playing again. It was a small festival organised in the middle of the mountains.

This was the complete lineup:

Valentino Kanzyani
(Jesus Loved you /Eslovenia)


(SINO/ Barcelona)

Carlos Palacio
(Monophone Dj Agency & F135/ Zaragoza)

Mikel Teba
(Florida 135/Fraga)

Even being a fucking wild night, I will never be able to forget seeing Dosem almost jumping from the top window from the barn, where the Djs were djing.

I also remember being able to see the milky way like never before.

Other epic moments where I saw Dosem again making the people went crazy was Florida135, Monegros with Vitalic and the Klubbers day.

Even now he is doing a completely different music style from what I like; I will always respect him because of that Track and those unforgettable moments.

There is also another lovely remix from a Dosems’s track, this one more melancholic,

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I will always get goosebumps when I listen to this Track. Maybe you too.

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