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IWIWAT – Hidden Factory πŸš€

IWIWAT - Hidden Factory Cover

I took this picture on the 28th of February 2018, and it deserved a Track.

I found the factory one day when I just changed one street of what is my “typical walk”. Without expecting it, I was in the middle of an old and abandoned industry area. Walking around I found this huge building. Instantly I had to think about how it would be making a rave there. That happens almost always to me when I see old abandoned buildings lol.

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For producing this Track, I proposed to myself to only use the Solarizator. If you wonder about what the fuck is a Solarizator, it is a DIY Synthesizer which works just with the light,

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I built one last summer during the workshops of the festival ParalΒ·lel.

If you are into DIY Modular synthesizers, you should check Befaco

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