Traveler.5 ๐Ÿš€

Traveler.5 Cover

Traveler.5 Cover

This time the one who travels is not me, but the clouds.

I still think that the sky is one of those undervalued treasures which we have and which almost nobody realises.

The beauty of those colours, of those forms, of those movements…

Be prepared for melancholic vibes. I guess that represents my mood during the lasts months (or years…)

Video recorded from my bedroom studio the last December.

For this Track y used as regular the MBase11, NordDrum2, Streichfett, Tresonator II and DFAM. Sounds recorded, processed and arranged using Bitwig. For editing the video, I used Adobe Premiere.

The video, like for every piece from the Traveler Series, is just a companion… not a distraction from the sound.

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Also available on Bandcamp,

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