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#206 A Darker Wave 26-01-2019 (guest mix in 2nd hour iZueL_) πŸ”Š

Last year I got the chance and honour of recording the following Podcast for the radio show A Darker Wave

#206 A Darker Wave 26-01-2019 (guest mix in 2nd hour iZueL_) Cover

This Podcast was recorded using only Timecode Vinyl and FLAC music purchased on Bandcamp. It starts on the 2nd hour πŸ˜‰

Because I forgot to do the Tracklist when I recorded it, there are some “missing” Tracks which you should be able to find on my monthly charts. Anyway here is the almost complete Tracklist,

1. Shxcxchcxsh – Shumumumu (original mix) Avian.
2. Hugo Massien – Faith in Chaos (original mix) E-Beamz.
3. Iori – Grit (Skudge remix) Phonica.
4. Unknown.
5. Sebastian Kramer – Obelisk (original mix) Mord.
6. Purple Plejade – Blanche (original mix) Djax Upbeats.
7. Unknown.
8. Sebastian Kramer – Razor (original mix) Mord.
9. Unknown.
10. Glenn Wilson – Serum (original mix) Heroes.
11. Patrick DSP, DJ Pauze – On a Rope (original mix) Hardsignal Techno Recordings.
12. Unknown.

Feel free to share and enjoy ☺️

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