Brekhno Vol.1 πŸš€

In these days when electronic music is getting harder and harder, faster and faster… I can only think “not again, please.” when I remember the end of the 90s and the come back of almost undanceable music, which was ended by minimal.

Overdoing because of trends will always be a huge mistake.

Sadly, it is what gives you cash and/or fame.

I have nothing against “hard” and “fast” sounds, quite the reverse, I love them, but I’ll never be a big fan of trends. Frequently there is something immoral behind them.

Because of this, I’ve tried to take down the BPM on my last productions, and swim against the tide.

With these two Tracks, I’ve also developed a kind of controlled random algorithm for triggering the Kicks. It gives a natural mistake feeling which I like. Here I have to thank Bitwig again, for being so fucking flexible and for giving me that freedom.

In a funny informal way, I decided to denominate this “Style” as Brekhno.

As usual, both Tracks have been made with sounds generated by me on my small home studio. No SamplePack was harmed. The cover is also designed by me using as a base a photo from a Geothermal heat pump.

Here you can listen to them,

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