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[IWIWAT] First Releases / Non danceable music πŸš€

Some time ago, I had the idea of creating some sounds inspired due to my experiences in nature and the mountains. πŸ”

Those productions would not be focused on the dance but in disconnecting with the real world. A kind of teleportation to those special places in nature where I was. The perspective would be like that of a tree.

Timeless atmospheric flyaway sounds 🌌

Here you can find the first results…

IWIWAT – Tribulaun

Produced using only recordings done by me with TASCAM’s DR-07mkII and water recordings were done by FSS using an iPhone.

Recordings cut, sampled and fucked up using Hardware FX chains and Bitwig. It’s a kind of generative music.

IWIWAT – Magdeburger HΓΌtte / Amanecer

Inspired by a sunrise at Magdeburger HΓΌtte last summer (de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magdeburger_H%C3%BCtte)

The Track length 2 minutes 42.3 seconds due its elevation, which is 2423 meters.
The Track velocity is 87,18 BPM, because it was founded in 1887.

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You can purchase them using following links,

IWIWAT – Tribulaun
IWIWAT – Magdeburger HΓΌtte / Amanecer

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