10% of my Bandcamp earnings will be donated ๐Ÿค”

Before the end of the year, I have decided that 10% of my earnings through the Bandcamp sales will be donated for a good cause. I’ll donate it to Gay Communication and Culture Center of Munich.

SUB Mรผnchen Logo

What is Sub? Here a brief description,

Founded in 1986 as a registered non-profit umbrella organization for volunteer and self-help groups in the city, the Sub provides a wide variety of information, events and services including art exhibits, a library, leisure groups, self-help groups, volunteer service projects, professional psychological counseling, refugee counseling and HIV-prevention services. The popular Cafรฉ run by volunteers is a social focal point where all members of the Queer Community and their allies are herzlich willkommen!

I’ll do it every four months and I’ll inform in this Website about the bank transfers and amounts. I’ll start from September 2018.

I already know that the amounts will be laughable, but I find better to help a little than no help at all.

Maybe you are thinking, “Why do you want to help them if you never go there?”. Well, I can make donations for causes in Africa without ever having been there. I’m also paying social security even when I’m never sick. Same applies for non-social Taxes (hi Rundfunkbeitrag), which are even worse. Here I know that the money will be used for good causes.

Why donate to a Gay organization? Because I’m not only gay one day a year ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

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