The Traveler πŸš€

I recorded some time ago Videos with my Smartphone while driving with the train to my hometown in Spain.

I wanted to capture those moments for the future, for myself. After watching to the videos I realized that something was missing. Yes, the sound recorded with the Smartphone was shit πŸ’©

That’s why I started to produce some timeless moving melodies with hypnotic marching percussion. All had to be recorded and produced with what I have in my small home studio.

What is the result? the result is the beginning of a musical videos Series. Videos recorded by me where I just lose my mind looking to the hypnotic movement through a window.

The last addition to this series is Traveler.3, recorded last week at KΓΆnigsee. A funny fact is that the trumpet on the background is a live recording done by FSS directly on the boat.

You can find the Audios on my Bandcamp page too.


I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do ☺️


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